Zip Codes: Barbados

List of Saint James Zip Codes: You can search for the Saint James Zip Codes updated to 2020, the Barbados Zip Codes is automatically taken from official sites.

Zip/Postal Codes

1St Avenue Hoyte's Village BB23002
1St Avenue Prior Park BB23016
1St Avenue Thorpes BB23007
2Nd Avenue Hoyte's Village BB23002
2Nd Avenue Prior Park Terrace BB23006
2Nd Avenue Thorpes BB23007
Alamanda BB23040
All Avenues BB23010
Apple Walk BB23019
Bagatelle Park BB23006
Bagatelle Terrace BB23006
Bamboo Ridge BB23002
Bluebell BB23020
Cassia BB23020
Cherfleur Drive BB23040
Cherry Drive BB23019
Clover Crest BB23004
Coral Glade BB23004
Croton BB23020
Dahlia Walk BB23019
Denny Road BB23007
Durant's Village BB23010
Gardenia BB23040
Gladiola Drives BB23020
Hall's Village BB23016
Haynesville BB23008
Heliconia Drive BB23035
Hibiscus BB23020
Holder's Hill BB23001
Holder's Terrace BB23002
Husband's Heights BB23021
Husbands Gardens BB23042
Husbands Terrace BB23020
Ivy Walk BB23019
Ixoria Drives BB23040
John's Plains BB23001
King's Village BB23002
Marigold Drives BB23020
Olive BB23020
Orlanda Drive BB23040
Oxnard Crescent Road BB23014
Oxnard Road BB23019
Oxnards Heights Road BB23036
Poinsettia BB23040
Polo Ridge BB23001
Prior Park BB23004
Ricks Road BB23015
Sunflower BB23020
Thorpe's Main Road BB23007
Thorpe's Terrace BB23007
Trident BB23020
Tulip BB23020
Violet Circle BB23019
Wanstead Heights BB23021
Wanstead Terrace BB23035
West Terrace Gardens1St Avenue BB23040
West Terrace Gardens2Nd Avenue BB23040
West Terrace Gardens3-16 BB23018
Zinnia WalkWaterman Village BB23019