Saint Thomas Zip / Posst Codes (Barbados)

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Zip/Postal Codes

Allen View BB22051
Applewhaite BB22146
Arch Hall BB22017
Arthur Seat BB22022
Ashford BB22058
Bagatelle H/a BB22018
Bagatelle Terrace BB23003
Bloomsburg BB22031
Bloomsbury BB22072
Blunts + Airy Cott BB22002
Bridgefield BB22115
Bryan Road BB22057
Cane Garden BB22135
Cane GardenCane Garden Heights BB22096
Cane GardenCane Garden Plantation BB22103
Cane GardenCane Garden Terrace & Park BB22129
Cane Hill BB22090
Carrington Village BB22029
Christie Village BB22017
Church Gap BB22079
Clifton Hill BB22060
Clifton Tent BB22073
Content BB22009
Duke's BB22006
Dunscombe BB22007
Edge Hill Road BB22118
Edge Hill TerraceEdge Hill Terrace - Phase 1 BB22020
Edge Hill TerraceEdge Hill Terrace - Phase 2 BB22020
Exchange BB22111
Farm Development BB22024
Farm Park BB22012
Farmers Housing Area BB22008
Fortress Hill BB22047
Forty Acres BB22108
Gibson Land BB22025
Glendale BB22108
Gran View BB22017
Gran View Heigth BB22024
Highland BB22005
Holy Innocents BB22065
Hopewell Terrace BB22078
Kew Land BB22018
Les Champs BB22088
Lester Vaughn School BB22030
Lewis Village BB22006
Lion Castle BB22006
Lower Canefield BB22006
Lower Welchman Hall Main Road BB22058
Mount Wilton BB22069
Old Sharon BB22017
Porey Spring BB22021
Prior Park Close BB23017
Proute Hill BB22091 | BB22079
Redmans Village BB22025
Reece Road BB22112
Rock Hall BB22008
Ruby BB22108
Sharon BB22136
Shop Hill Ter BB22024
Shop HillVacluse Factory BB22016
Spring Farm BB22023
Strong Hope BB22087
Sturges BB22022
Upper Canefield BB22006
Upper Welchman Hall Main Road BB22047
Vault Road BB22005 | BB22041
Walkes Spring BB22070
Warren's Commercial AreaIndustrial Park BB22026
Warren's Heights BB23025
Warrens Crescent BB23026
Welches BB22025
Welchman Hall1St Avenue BB22005
Welchman Hall2Nd Avenue BB22005
Whitehall Road BB22101

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