Clarendon Zip / Posst Codes (Jamaica)

See the Clarendon postal code (Jamaica), you can find the most up-to-date Birmingham postal code here.

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Zip/Postal Codes

Aenon Town JMDCN01
Aenon TownPost Office JMDCN01
Alley JMDCN02
AlleyPost Office JMDCN02
Alston JMDCN03
AlstonPost Office JMDCN03
Beckford Kraal JMDCN04
Beckford KraalPost Office JMDCN04
Chapleton JMDCN05
ChapletonPost Office JMDCN05
Colonels Ridge JMDCN06
Colonels RidgePost Office JMDCN06
Crofts Hill JMDCN07
Crofts HillPost Office JMDCN07
Crooked River JMDCN08
Crooked RiverPost Office JMDCN08
Denbigh JMDCN09
DenbighPost Office JMDCN09
Four PathPost Office JMDCN10
Four Paths JMDCN10
Frankfield JMDCN11
FrankfieldPost Office JMDCN11
Grantham JMDCN12
GranthamPost Office JMDCN12
Hayes JMDCN14
HayesPost Office JMDCN14
James Hill JMDCN13
James HillPost Office JMDCN13
Kellits JMDCN15
KellitsPost Office JMDCN15
Lionel Town JMDCN16
Lionel TownPost Office JMDCN16
May Pen JMDCN17
May PenPost Office JMDCN17
Milk River JMDCN18
Milk RiverPost Office JMDCN18
Mocho JMDCN19
MochoPost Office JMDCN19
Osbourne Store JMDCN20
Osbourne StorePost Office JMDCN20
Race Course JMDCN21
Race CoursePost Office JMDCN21
Richmond Park JMDCN22
Richmond ParkPost Office JMDCN22
Rock River JMDCN23
Rock RiverPost Office JMDCN23
Smithville JMDCN24
SmithvillePost Office JMDCN24
Spaldings JMDCN25
SpaldingsPost Office JMDCN25
Thompson Town JMDCN26
Thompson TownPost Office JMDCN26
Toll Gate JMDCN27
Toll GatePost Office JMDCN27
Trout Hall JMDCN28
Trout HallPost Office JMDCN28
Wood Hall JMDCN29
Wood HallPost Office JMDCN29

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