Portland Zip / Posst Codes (Jamaica)

See the Portland postal code (Jamaica), you can find the most up-to-date Birmingham postal code here.

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Zip/Postal Codes

Balcarres JMBPD01
BalcarresPost Office JMBPD01
Bangor Ridge JMBPD02
Bangor RidgePost Office JMBPD02
Buff Bay JMBPD03
Buff BayPost Office JMBPD03
Comfort Castle JMBPD04
Comfort CastlePost Office JMBPD04
Fairy Hill JMBPD05
Fairy HillPost Office JMBPD05
Fellowship JMBPD06
FellowshipPost Office JMBPD06
Fruitful Vale JMBPD07
Fruitful ValePost Office JMBPD07
Green Hill JMBPD08
Green HillPost Office JMBPD08
Hector's RiverPost Office JMBPD09
Hectors River JMBPD09
Hope Bay JMBPD10
Hope BayPost Office JMBPD10
Long Bay JMBPD11
Long BayPost Office JMBPD11
Manchioneal JMBPD12
ManchionealPost Office JMBPD12
Moore Town JMBPD13
Moore TownPost Office JMBPD13
Orange Bay JMBPD14
Orange BayPost Office JMBPD14
Port Antonio JMBPD15
Port AntonioPost Office JMBPD15
Priestman's River JMBPD16
Priestman's RiverPost Office JMBPD16
Prior Park JMBPD17
Prior ParkPost Office JMBPD17
Saint Margaret's Bay JMBPD18
Skibo JMBPD19
SkiboPost Office JMBPD19
Spring Hill JMBPD20
Spring HillPost Office JMBPD20
St. Margaret's BayPost Office JMBPD18
Swift River JMBPD21
Swift RiverPost Office JMBPD21
Windsor Castle JMBPD22
Windsor CastlePost Office JMBPD22

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