Saint Catherine Zip / Posst Codes (Jamaica)

See the Saint Catherine postal code (Jamaica), you can find the most up-to-date Birmingham postal code here.

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Zip/Postal Codes

Above Rocks JMACE01
Above RocksPost Office JMACE01
Bartons JMACE02
BartonsPost Office JMACE02
Bellas Gate JMACE03
Bellas GatePost Office JMACE03
Bog Walk JMACE04
Bog WalkPost Office JMACE04
BridegeportPost Office JMACE05
Bridgeport JMACE05
Browns Hall JMACE06
Browns HallPost Office JMACE06
Bushy Park JMACE07
Bushy ParkPost Office JMACE07
Ewarton JMACE08
EwartonPost Office JMACE08
Ginger Ridge JMACE09
Ginger RidgePost Office JMACE09
Glengoffe JMACE10
GlengoffePost Office JMACE10
Greater Portmore JMACE13
Greater PortmorePost Office JMACE13
Gregory Park JMACE11
Gregory ParkPost Office JMACE11
Guanaboa Vale JMACE12
Guanaboa ValePost Office JMACE12
Harewood JMACE14
HarewoodPost Office JMACE14
Harkers Hall JMACE15
Harkers HallPost Office JMACE15
Linstead JMACE16
LinsteadPost Office JMACE16
Lluidas Vale JMACE17
Lluidas ValePost Office JMACE17
Old Harbour JMACE18
Old Harbour Bay JMACE19
Old Harbour BayPost Office JMACE19
Old HarbourPost Office JMACE18
Pear Tree Grove JMACE20
Pear Tree GrovePost Office JMACE20
Point Hill JMACE21
Point HillPost Office JMACE21
Redwood JMACE22
RedwoodPost Office JMACE22
Riversdale JMACE23
RiversdalePost Office JMACE23
SligovalePost Office JMACE24
Sligoville JMACE24
Spanish Town JMACE25
Spanish Town 1Post Office JMACE25
Troja JMACE26
TrojaPost Office JMACE26
Water Mount JMACE28
Water MountPost Office JMACE28
Waterford JMACE27
WaterfordPost Office JMACE27

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