Zip Codes: Jamaica

List of Saint Mary Zip Codes: You can search for the Saint Mary Zip Codes updated to 2020, the Jamaica Zip Codes is automatically taken from official sites.

Zip/Postal Codes

Albany JMBMY01
AlbanyPost Office JMBMY01
Annotto Bay JMBMY02
Annotto BayPost Office JMBMY02
Belfield JMBMY03
BelfieldPost Office JMBMY03
Bonny Gate JMBMY04
Bonny GatePost Office JMBMY04
Boscobel JMBMY05
BoscobelPost Office JMBMY05
Brainerd JMBMY06
BrainerdPost Office JMBMY06
Carron Hall JMBMY07
Carron HallPost Office JMBMY07
Castleton JMBMY08
CastletonPost Office JMBMY08
Clonmel JMBMY09
ClonmelPost Office JMBMY09
Enfield JMBMY10
EnfieldPost Office JMBMY10
Free Hill JMBMY11
Free HillPost Office JMBMY11
Gayle JMBMY12
GaylePost Office JMBMY12
Guys Hill JMBMY13
Guys HillPost Office JMBMY13
Hampstead JMBMY14
HampsteadPost Office JMBMY14
Highgate JMBMY15
HighgatePost Office JMBMY15
Islington JMBMY16
IslingtonPost Office JMBMY16
Labyrinth JMBMY17
LabyrinthPost Office JMBMY17
Long Road JMBMY18
Long RoadPost Office JMBMY18
Lucky Hill JMBMY19
Lucky HillPost Office JMBMY19
Oracabessa JMBMY20
OracabessaPost Office JMBMY20
Pembroke Hall JMBMY21
Pembroke HallPost Office JMBMY21
Port Maria JMBMY22
Port MariaPost Office JMBMY22
Retreat JMBMY23
RetreatPost Office JMBMY23
Richmond JMBMY25
RichmondPost Office JMBMY25
Tower Isle JMBMY24
Tower IslePost Office JMBMY24
Union Hill JMBMY26
Union HillPost Office JMBMY26