Zip Codes: Jamaica

List of Trelawny Zip Codes: You can search for the Trelawny Zip Codes updated to 2020, the Jamaica Zip Codes is automatically taken from official sites.

Zip/Postal Codes

Albert Town JMCTY01
Albert TownPost Office JMCTY01
Bunkers Hill JMCTY02
Bunkers HillPost Office JMCTY02
Clarks Town JMCTY03
Clarks TownPost Office JMCTY03
Deeside JMCTY04
DeesidePost Office JMCTY04
Duanvale JMCTY05
DuanvalePost Office JMCTY05
Duncans JMCTY06
DuncansPost Office JMCTY06
Falmouth JMCTY07
FalmouthPost Office JMCTY07
Hampden JMCTY08
HampdenPost Office JMCTY08
Jackson Town JMCTY09
Jackson TownPost Office JMCTY09
Lorrimers JMCTY10
LorrimersPost Office JMCTY10
Rio Bueno JMCTY11
Rio BuenoPost Office JMCTY11
Sawyers JMCTY12
SawyersPost Office JMCTY12
Sherwood Content JMCTY13
Sherwood ContentPost Office JMCTY13
Stewart Town JMCTY14
Stewart TownPost Office JMCTY14
Troy JMCTY15
TroyPost Office JMCTY15
Ulster Spring JMCTY16
Ulster SpringPost Office JMCTY16
Wait-A-Bit JMCTY17
Wait-A-BitPost Office JMCTY17
Wakefield JMCTY18
WakefieldPost Office JMCTY18
Warsop JMCTY19
WarsopPost Office JMCTY19